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Home Helpdesk User Manual

1. User Account Creation:

Click on Create an Account

Enter user details
  • Name
  • Email id
  • Address
  • Pincode
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Password
Activate the account using the OTP sent to registered email id

Sign in with registered email id & password, it will redirected to Dashboard


2. Dashboard

See the price for all the listed assets in the Last 3 Months / 1 Month/ 1 Week. Asset and duration can be selected from the drop down menus at the top. On the right, option for buy & sell for all listed asset.


3. Deposit Funds

Deposit funds in EURO, Maximum £10000 can be deposited. Users can also check their invoices


Enter the amount

  • Include the order number in the wire deposit
  • The request will expire in 72 hours
  • Kindly note that the name and account number for the wire transfer should match details given in the website
  • All transactions with incorrect details or towards expired request will be refunded in 15 business days after deducting £15 towards processing fees

4. Withdraw Funds

Minimum of £500 and Maximum £10000 can be withdrawn, 1.49% transaction charge is applicable.


5. My Wallet

Check the balance in this section


6. Transaction History

Monitor the transaction history for all asset in in last week/ month


7. Profile Details

  • User can see their profile details such as email id, address, country, phone number, joining date.
  • Coin portfolio details also visible in this section.

8. Identity Verification

Verify your identity using-

  • Profile Photo:Please click a photo without wearing any hats, masks or glasses. Kindly hold your ID Proof and Address Proof Document. Ensure all documents are clearly visible in photo
  • Address Proof:Utility Bill or Bank Account Statement from the last 3 months. Please do not submit Credit card bill.
  • ID Proof Front:Only government issued documents such as Driver's license, Identity Cards, etc, are applicable
  • ID Proof Back:Only government issued documents such as Driver's license, Identity Cards, etc, are applicable

9. Promotion

Here user can check if there are any promotions

10. Settings

  • Google 2 Factor Authorization to change the password
  • Users need to install and open Google Authenticator mobile app. Scan QR code for OTP


Users can ask for technical support/ help in this section.


Enjoy trading on!